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Simon Shakespeare.

Head of Development

Arte et Labore
(Borrowed from his team Blackburn Rovers)

Simon brings 20+ years of experience to the team. Despite now being primarily web-orientated, he has gained a broad range of valuable programming and implementation skills over the years within the retail, construction, telemetry and telecommunications sectors.

Having worked on many large code bases Simon is a keen advocate of the current trends in microservices, modularisation and maintainability, albeit aware that these bring with them a new set of problems that he is keen to overcome.

Outside of tech interests Simon loves the outdoors and can usually be found running, walking and mountain biking around the fields near his home in Sheffield and when not doing that he'll be off to the Alps skiing.

If Simon could work on any project of the past, it would be...

Having studied languages at Sheffield University relatively recently, I would love to have worked on machine translations and their associated algorithms i.e. Google translate


Java, Spring, Microservices, JavaScript


Skiing, football, and french