Hive are a friendly digital agency in Sheffield, based at the iconic Park Hill. Our goal is to make a positive difference to our world using the right tools and technology.

here's a taste of our services.

User experience design

We explore ways for users to better interact with a product or service that is natural to them. We can help you realise an idea or improve an existing experience through user research and design analysis, branding and visual design, and facilitation / workshops.

Software development

We take an open approach, using tools and techniques that are right for your digital product. From architectural design and infrastructure management to full stack development of web solutions and accessible apps, we bring your project to life...

Usability labs & Testing

We offer a usability lab to help you gather in-depth reports from prototypes, alpha, beta, and released products. If you want to run a session yourself or have help from Hive, have a look at what we can offer.

We are an agile team that help you through a project from start to aftercare. It is our job to make sure your product or service runs smoothly, and be there if it doesn't.

Let's meet up and talk about your project.