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Ben Outram.

Senior Software Engineer

Strive to attain


15 years experience as a software engineer, working on a high profile suite of Java and .Net web applications for Government and Private Sector. Ben loves problem solving and thinking about how solutions can adapt to fit the situation. He prides himself on having determination, organisation, the ability to adapt and contribute new ideas.

More than anything Ben has a hardworking and conscientious approach with an eye for detail to make sure he always achieves great results.

If Ben could work on any project of the past, it would be...

Put me in Silicon Valley at the centre of the original iPhone team at Apple, which from the sound of it had just my kind of mix of pressure and excitement!


Java, Scala, JavaScript, SQL, Continuous Integration, JSON, .NET, C#, jQuery, SpringMVC, DevOps


Travelling, gym, and Spanish