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Lewis Toseland.

Junior Software Engineer

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination

Albert Einstein

Lewis joined Hive as an apprentice, and has since progressed to take a permanent role. He loves to help around the business as well as many other things.

Lewis loves to learn, especially anything to do with tech and programming. He loves big projects that he can consistently get involved with and work on with the team. He is constantly learning new skills and languages, resulting in an expansion of his knowledge. He has worked with a small company before, performing their IT requirements as well as taking programming college courses.

All in all Lewis has been developing since an early age and aspires to carry on doing it by developing for Hive IT.

If Lewis could work on any project of the past, it would be...

To work on the original expansion of Microsoft.


Java, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, react, CSS, SASS


Food, tech, and sun